Survive and chill in this cute, organic, fabric adventure game.

Madeline's husband went to the 'Isle of Bobbin' on an adventure but never returned; leaving her life behind her, and she sets off to find him.


Cute fabric style artwork

Explore the beautiful Isle of Bobbin

Survive by collecting and crafting hundreds of recipes and items

Decorate your home in many styles, and with the furniture, you build in the workshop

Grow fresh organic food in your garden or forage for wild food in the woods
Meet the fantastic cast of eccentric islanders, help them with their quirky daily lives

Go out on the town and see a show at the theatre, work a shift in the cafe or teach a lesson in the school, who knows what will happen!

Celebrate the seasons as they change from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

This game contains no meat products, no money, no violence, no religious iconography! Just fun.


What is the 'Isle of Bobbin'?

An adorable game made by Phaedra Games Ltd - a husband and wife team whose company based in the UK, but are free-roaming expats!

When is this game coming out?
We are aiming for 2020 - it's reasonable to expect it then.

What platform?
PC and Mac confirmed! But we are exploring all options and would love to see it on Switch. But that's just a dream right now.

Where can I buy this fantastic looking game?
Why thank you. We will be announcing this soon, but it's going to be Steam most likely and perhaps

How much will it cost me?
Not sure yet, sorry. I was thinking in the region of 10-15 USD but let's see. 

What engine is this game made in?
Ok. So here is the controversial bit... it's made in RPG Maker MV. And to make it 100 times worse for anyone who would care about that, I'm using a Mac Book Pro mid-2014 lol Oh, and an iPad Pro but that's the 2018 model. I know it might be hard to swallow this, but think; did anyone care what an artist's tools are? Or does it matter more if you like the painting?

But that's cheating!
After one year of hand drawing this game and slowly building it after work each day, you would hopefully change your opinion on that ;)

Can I follow you?
In-person that's a weird question however electronically we would love to be stalked by you. Check the social icons and dev log posts here on the site. Oh, and please tell your friends about us!

Is this part of a Kickstarter campaign? Can I support you on Patreon?
No. We believe in making money when it's needed, and right now we don't need any to help fund this games development. If you want to help out, then please follow us on social media, share our content and enjoy being part of our journey!

Where can I play this game?
There is no demo yet, but watch our YouTube channel to join us on this journey and support us on the other usual social media options. You can play an exclusive demo at GamesCon Middle East in Abu Dhabi and come and meet us too!

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