Developer: Phaedra Games Ltd
Based in the UK and Dubai UAE

Founding Date: 
August 2019


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English Steam Store page and in-game dialogue for Fares by Abdulla Hassan Al-Farsi


Phaedra Games Ltd was founded in 2019 by married couple Steven and Hayley Clement-Simmons. Having successful international careers in other industries they both began to explore ways of bringing their unique tastes into video games for all ages to play.

Having a hardcore corporate workload and an expatriate lifestyle they found a way to balance life, work and their creativity to develop and self publish their first game for PC, Mac and Linux titled “The Journey to Medulla”.

Since becoming a dedicated part of the indie games scene in the United Arab Emirates the couple then moved on to begin development on their first commercial game “The Isle of Bobbin” to be released in 2020 for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

The company focuses on bringing ideals of ethical and organic lifestyle and combining hobbies of toy collecting, crafting with fun to bring a unique flavour to their games.


The Isle of Bobbin 

Survive and chill in this cute, organic, fabric adventure game.

Madeline's husband went to the 'Isle of Bobbin' on an adventure but never returned; leaving her life behind her, and she sets off to find him.


Cute fabric style artwork

Explore the beautiful Isle of Bobbin

Survive by collecting and crafting hundreds of recipes and items

Decorate your home in many styles, and with the furniture, you build in the workshop

Grow fresh organic food in your garden or forage for wild food in the woods

Meet the fantastic cast of eccentric islanders, help them with their quirky daily lives

Go out on the town and see a show at the theatre, work a shift in the cafe or teach a lesson in the school, who knows what will happen!

Celebrate the seasons as they change from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

This game contains no meat products, no money, no violence, no religious iconography! Just fun.



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