June/July/August DevLog


 June/July Dev Log!


With little to report, I didn't want to spam everyone. However, I'm pleased to report that I've finally, FINALLY, Finished night-time... It was 3-months of time I wasn't planning for, however, it was worth it. With that mega mission complete we're back on our way and I'm working hard on new parts of the game. Jeez, I don't want to have to do that again and it's a lesson learnt on that; always plan your work ahead and if you know something is wrong, it's quicker to fix it sooner rather than dig that hole a little deeper each day. 

Right, so now I've been working back on character dialogue. The first two characters since I finished night-time are the couple who work in the lighthouse. They are Brodie and Drew, two married Goats - Drew is the hard-working daughter of the family who has run the Isle of Bobbins lighthouse and her more chilled out husband Drew.  

One of the 'quests' they give you is to help them fuel the lighthouse so they can call a ship to take you to a series of smaller islands. I won't give too much away here, just in case anyone plays this game other than my wife (lol) however, I'll tell you it will be worth your while that's for sure!

Next, and the final part of this months update is that I've drawn the artwork for the ship that will eventually come to pick you up.

Originally I had planned for a smaller ship to come and collect you, something like a little tug-boat or similar... However, I went nuts and drew this huge ship! 

There were two reasons I decided to push the boat out (ok I'm sorry for that bad pun). Firstly, I didn't want to copy Red from Animal Crossing (damn it again! they beat me to it again!), secondly, I wanted to add some drama. After some effort in getting the fule to light the lighthouse and call the ship in, I didn't want a little boat to just pop out of nowhere to pick you up... maybe, a little disappointing, so why not have a huge sailboat pick you up! 

I haven't got any further along in getting the islands ready or putting the ship in the game (going to do that after I've written this), however, I'm excited to be moving this on finally. 

Now, the game isn't going to be out this year, or at least I highly doubt it... The trailer I made had the end of 2020 mentioned but it's certainly moved into Q1 of 2021, if not a little longer... But, if you're interested then I'll keep everyone up to date on progress here! 

So, I hope you're all safe and well, as always if you ever have feedback then please let me know! 

Take care!


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