December Dev Log


Dev Log December

Another month has gone by and now we’re in 2020! Wow, I can’t believe 2019 has already gone by... 2020 is gearing up to be a big year for Phaedra Games Ltd

It’s supposed to be the year “The Isle of Bobbin” is released.

I reason I say “supposed”, is just because December was a slow month and when I step back and look at all the work I have I’m scared that we won’t make it.

But never mind that! I’m sure once we reach June 2020 we will know.

Sooooo... About December... As I wrote earlier it was slow in terms of development but INSANE in terms of how busy life got. And we didn’t even have time to celebrate Christmas! Instead we moved apartments... That’s it. But it took us absolutely forever to get our old apartment clear and get all the stuff for the new one. We literally hit the reset button on life and started all over again.

So for the “Isle of Bobbin” this was bad news but for us it’s been great. As I’m typing this I’m sitting in a new office space surrounded by all sort of luxury; and both of us can now work together in a secluded spot away from the distractions of television! It’s perfect!

But just to show you how busy I was, in the last update I said I won enough cash to buy a fancy new computer/laptop. I haven’t even got round to doing that yet! Crazy...

I say December was slow, but lots still happened and I have some stuff to update you on the development.

We finally as added Sheep to the game! Check out some of the designs

We have a couple of species of Sheep, one white headed and one black headed! Just to mix it up a bit.

I think in future we are going to concentrate on adding more child characters to the game and so I may go back through the species and start drawing the artwork for the little blighters... But so far so good on the amount of species available, let’s see how it works out as I’m starting to think we have all the ones we need to fill up the island.

The biggest victory of the busy December was the fact we were able to finish the Mushroom Village.

It’s the fist little area that’s fully playable and everything functions correctly. We started with this village as its the template for the rest of the game; for instance, how animals talk, what decides where they will be on a rainy day, what do they like, how will missions play out etc, etc.

By finishing this area we now have a good foundation we can use for the other areas of the game. This was actually a big achievement in such a deadly month.

So what next... Currently in Jan I’ve got tons done already! I’ve added a whole new set of furniture and items to decorate your house and I’m now working on gardening, but more on that to follow.

One piece of bad news is that we are struggling with opening a business bank account and that’s the main reason we don’t have a steam page (yet). So we have lot’s of business boring stuff to work out to get that up and rolling. I’d love to announce we will be on that platform however we can’t until we can get the company structured in a way which allows us to comply with tax laws and what-not... boring.

Hopefully we can get that sorted out in Q1 of 2020... As always, if you’re reading this, please pass the word on to your friends. We would love to see our social channels grow and have more followers.
Not just to sell this game (lol) but to build a great community of engaged fans of game development would be enough! Happy new year and hope your 2020 goes as well as can be!

What’s your hopes for 2020? Do you think we can get the game out this year? What games will you be buying in 2020? Let us know!

Thanks and see you next time!

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